Saturday, 30 April 2011


Sunday 27th of February 2011. Christopher St. Gregory Fazio, James Dunn, Rebecce Ribichini, Ella Semega Janneh, Femi Adeyemi, William Pym and Dan Cape gathered at number 1 Prince George Rd N16 for the first ever Camp Universe City Gathering of the Heads. 7x microphones/leads/clips/stands, 1x 12 channel mixing desk, 1x Zoom H4N and 1 set of headphones connected; recording.

Here is the result - 3 radio shows all one hour long and presenting 2 scholars speaking on their own personally chosen topics.

Femi Adeyemi mediating:
St. Gregory Fazio on the Definition of Life
James Dunn on 12 Tone Equal Temperament
Rebecca Ribichini on Illness in Art
Ella Semega Janneh on The Taboo of Incest
Will Pym on Grandma's Cooking
Dan Cape on Slow Cinema and The Long Take

Recorded for, and broadcast on NTS

Week 3:

Week 2:

Week 1:

This City Plays

The evolution of This City Plays means it is an entirely different show from what has been posted on this site previously. Now, This City Plays is a 2hr radio show, 2-4pm every second Friday on NTS. Here is one I worked on which collates audio from my early days with the P.A.R.D (portable audio recording device - Zoom h4n). It features the best of my recordings from May 2010 All Tomorrow's Parties festival curated by Matt Groening. Artists you hear (in order of appearance) : Spiritualized, Amadou and Mariam, Jill Sobule, Daniel Johnston, The Raincoats, Coco Rosie, The Boredoms, Viv Albertine and Panda Bear. That is the first hour.

The second hour shares audio I recorded at Cafe Oto mid 2010. London based San Moritzz played support from NZ solo artists Bachelorette. You'll also hear an interview with James Dunn the sound engineer at Oto and Annabel Alpers aka Bachelorette.

This City Plays feat. ATP May2010, San Moritz and Bachelorette by NTS RADIOThis City Plays feat. ATP May2010, San Moritz and Bachelorette by NTS RADIO

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

We have had really beautiful weather in London for nearly two weeks now. Spring here truly is glorious. More glorious than food. Trees line the streets bulging with pink, white and purple blossoms and all the parks come alive again.

I was lucky enough to visit the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden last Thursday and talk to some of the people behind the 2 year old Dalston oasis which sits next to the Hackney Peace Mural on Dalston Lane.

SASAWORKS is Craig Bamford and he bridges the gap between architecture and art. Craig and his assistant were brought into the Garden to design and direct the building of a clay oven. A project created by Thomas Lindner from TheKindest Group for Off-Centre's Right Track funded by NHS-Primary Care Trust City Hackney, developed in partnership with Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, built by young people from Hackney in Collaboration with SasaWorks.

The day I visited they were lighting the oven for the first time - so during this hour-long programme you hear sounscapes from the garden plus interviews with Craig, Brian (the Garden's manager) some volunteers, Gaelle (who works for Off Centre) and some of children.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

I Have a New Friend

My new friend play drums in a duo called Temperatures. They played live at The Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston on Friday 15th April and I recorded. Quite happy with the results.